Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Real Estate Market Report for Vancouver WA April 2015

Vancouver WA Real Estate Selling like Hot Cakes in April 2015!

Volume for April 2015 was at a level usually seen in the Summer, with Median Days On Market less than 20 days!  Here are this month's highlights:
  • Approximately 421 Resale Homes were sold in April 2015, which is about 103 (32.4%) more homes than had sold in April 2014.
  • The Price Trend Lines are both still strong, with the 3-Month Moving Average up 8.35% at $250,569; and the 12-Month Moving Average similarly up 10.12% at $249,138.
  • Short Sale /Pre-Foreclosure property sales were 16 units (3.8% of total); trending downward when compared to 32 (10.1% of total) in April of 2014.
  • REO/Bank Owned home sales were 33 units (7.8% of total); and continuing to trend downward when compared to 46 (14.5% of total) in April of 2014.
  • Inventory for Resale Homes at the end of April was at 1.8 Months! - Still in the Seller's Market Range!
Next we have our custom Vancouver WA Real Estate Market Charts! 

Unit-Sales (quantity) of Resale Homes closed in April (Excludes New Construction) are shown in this first graphic.  A simple method of statistical smoothing is used to show the short term trend line -- the 3-month Moving Average; and the longer term trend line -- the 12-month Moving Average. 
Vancouver Washington Resale Home Sales April 2015 - Units Sold Vancouver WA Resale Home Sales - Units Sold Trend April 2015
 Vancouver WA , with a population of approximately 167,000 (2013 est) within the City Limits; and another 80,000+ in the Vancouver Zip Codes under Clark County's jurisdiction is the largest city in Southwest Washington . 

Vancouver's Resale Home Prices in April 2015 are in an upward trend, as the chart below shows.
Vancouver WA Resale Home Sales April 2015 - Average Sales Price Trends Vancouver WA Resale Home Sales - Average Sales Price Trend
We are currently seeing very brisk action in the sub-$250k price range, which in large measure is causing the average sales price to rise, along with the scant supply of homes for buyers in this price-tier to purchase.   

The final chats below are from RMLS showing the month-by-month action for Unit Sales, Average & Median Prices; and Days on Market:
RMLS Charts of Vancouver WA Resale Home Sales Trends in April 2015 Vancouver Resale Home Sales Inventory & Days on Market Trends

With the Median Days on Market in the sub-20 Days range, it has become a time of "Combat Shopping" with the better homes seeing many showings and multiple offers are very common!

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The custom charts in this report (prepared by John Slocum Realtor®, our resident statistician) are based on home sales posted in the Vancouver MLS system (RMLS), excluding sales of mobile home; and shows the purchase activity since 2009; charting the 3 month Moving average number of sales, and the 12 month Moving average.  This "smoothing" of the trend-data helps illustrate the short-term and longer term trends in Vancouver WA's real estate market.

Disclaimer: as with any real estate statistics, we do our best to provide the best representation at the time the data was acquired.  We deem the data and reports reliable but not guaranteed.