Friday, January 23, 2015

Active Real Estate Listings Down in Vancovuer WA

In putting a finer-focus on the Real Estate results for the market in Vancouver, one of the charts from the RMLS Market Action Report for December stands out -- namely, the total number of Available Residential Listings dropped significantly when compared to the same month in previous years!

To solve this minor mystery we only had to look a little further down in the report to see that Pending Home Sales took a jump up for the same month. Clearly, we have a more confident (or, anxious --> Active) pool of home buyers in the current season.

Almost equally as Clear, is that the local real estate market needs more listings Available to sell! Vancouver's market is slightly different than in Portland, where there are an abundance of listings in the "New Home" category that don't truly exist yet; but rather, are "Proposed" listings (i.e., marketing bait). In accounting for this element that is not immediately available for sale and occupancy, combined with the Short Sale Pending listings, when these two categories are removed the number of True Available Listings are 69.9% of the number indicated in the above Chart!!!

Please view our more comprehensive video report please visit: Vancouver WA Real Estate Market Report for December 2014.

To help cure the shortage of Available Home Listings we need more home sellers to step up and put their homes on the market.  As Vancouver WA Real Estate Listing Agents we're only too glad to help!!! Check us out, then give us a call!

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