Saturday, June 27, 2015

Visiting the Recycled Arts Festival in Vancouver WA 2015

Taking in the Recycled Arts Festival in Downtown Vancouver WA June 2015!

Today's weather (June 27, 2015) is expected to hit 97 degrees, which is a bit on the blistering hot side for us however, very high-level clouds in the morning kept the heat away long enough for us to visit the #RAFClarkWA - Recycled Arts Festival in Esther Short Park, in downtown Vancouver.

It is without question that much the "discarded" materials of our modern world or in some cases, from the recent past, can be turned into art or usable items.  The #RAFClarkWA participants used a broad spectrum of recycled elements, from Metal, Glass, and Wood to Fabrics and Plastic.

Here are just a small sampling of what you see if you visit yourself:
Clever and Imaaginative Creature at the Recycled Arts Festival 2015 Imaginative Metal Creature - #RAFClarkWA - June 2015

This quirky metal fisherman is casting his line out, trying to snag a buyer to take them home!

Cycling Gears and Colorful Glass at the Recycled Arts Festival 2015 Colorful Glass and Cycling Gears - #RAFClarkWA - June 2015

This is quite the combination of Bicycle parts - mostly gears, and colorful glass!

Impressive Driftwood Man at the Recycled Arts Festival 2015 Tall and Impressive Driftwood Man - #RAFClarkWA - June 2015

I always love going to the beach and seeing the driftwood, and sometimes taking home unique pieces.  This person has carried that interest into their art with some amazing results, such as this tall Driftwood Man, and the Heart next to it!

Vendors next to Heritage Place Condos at the Recycled Arts Festival 2015 Vendors next to Heritage Place Condos - #RAFClarkWA - June 2015

This year they had so many vendors (about 115 we were told) that 8th St was blocked between Columbia and Esther, next to the Heritage Place Condos.

Bandstand with Live Music at the Recycled Arts Festival 2015 Bandstand with Live Music - #RAFClarkWA - June 2015

Of course with a permanent Bandstand at the park, the appropriate filler is a real band with Live Music!

The Festival continues through to 6:00 pm on the 27th, and !0;00 to 4:00 pm on June 28th, 2015.  They have several misting stations and fans but, you'll still want to bring lots of fresh water as the temperature may hit or exceed 100 degrees! (Revision 6/28 am - the weatherman is now predicting a high of 88 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms!)

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The photos and narrative were prepared by Vancouver WA Real Estate Broker John Slocum, on June 27, 2015, all rights reserved.

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